Fortizome 3X—anti-inflammatory and immune resilience


This formula is a breakthrough approach to glutathione supplementation. As one of the most important antioxidants in the natural world, glutathione protects your cells from damage caused by toxins, stress, and pathogens. Fortizome-3X features, for the first time in a liposomal solution, three forms of glutathione in a liposomal solution for exceptional bioavailability: S-acetyl L-glutathione (SAG), combined with reduced glutathione (GSH), and N-acetyl L-cysteine (NAC).

This formulation utilizes three ways to support glutathione—intracellular with SAG, intracellular biosynthesis with NAC, and extra/intracellular (systemic) support with GSH.* Moreover, the liposomal S-acetyl L-glutathione in this formula provides a double layer (acetylation + liposomes) of protection to the glutathione molecule, further supporting its intracellular bioavailability.*

Please note that glutathione is a sulfur bearing molecule. You will smell sulfur when you open the bottle, but it won't taste like sulfur. It is best to take Fortizome-3X before meals and avoid taking it close to bedtime as it can be energizing for some.


  • Supports intracellular and mitochondrial antioxidant processes.
  • Promotes healthy brain function.
  • Improves the detoxification activity and performance in the liver and kidneys.
  • Helps balance immune function.
  • Supports the body's immune barrier systems, including in the brain, gut, and respiratory system.
  • Bolsters antiviral action and the ability of the immune system to recognize and quench viral replication.
  • Accelerates recovery from illness through immune support.
  • Helps the body cope with unavoidable stress, which depletes the body’s glutathione reserves.
  • Helps the body cope with environmental chemicals from gas fumes in traffic, industrial solvents, pollution, toxic additives in common everyday products, etc.
  • Supports immune resilience.
  • Supports accelerated recovery from autoimmune flare-ups.
  • Serves as an antioxidant for brain tissue in particular.
  • Supports liver biotransformation of toxins.
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